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5 Fun Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Crafts have always been a great way for families to spend time with each other, learning and exploring new ways to create wonderful works of art to share. Parents are always looking for new and innovative ways to have fun with their children without spending a lot of money, and crafts are a great way to accomplish that. You can help your children to unlock their imaginations with crafts and create their own special masterpieces. This is also a great way for you to spend some quality time with your kids and perhaps create something new and neat together. Here are five examples of good craft projects to help you get started.

1. You or your child on paper: This is a fun and entertaining craft project that you and the kids can do. You will need to purchase some large pieces of paper, preferably packing paper, leftover wallpaper or the end of a roll of newsprint from the local newspaper. You have your child lie down on the sheet of paper and then you trace the shape of their body. You should use a pencil for this so you don’t get ink on their skin or clothes. Once you have finished tracing them on the paper they can take it and draw the face, hair and also add clothes and accessories. You can even purchase things like glitter or gemstones to give it some bling. You can also have your child trace you and any siblings, and join them in decorating the figures. This is great fun for all ages.

2. Painting Rocks- Rocks are found almost anywhere and surprisingly they can be great fun to paint and decorate too. You can choose different sizes and shapes of rocks to craft. Take a rock and put some imagination into what you put on it. You can paint designs or funny faces on them, or you can glue on glitter, yarn, sequins, and other things. Once you are done you can use your rocks to decorate desks, shelves, bedside tables, or any other place that would put a smile on your face.

3. Framed hands and feet: This is an awesome craft for kids and adults to do together. Get some construction paper and some fingerpaints and dip your child’s hands into the paint. Then place them onto the paper. Then you can do the same thing with their feet as well. This is also a great opportunity if they have younger siblings for them to get involved, as well. There is nothing that babies and toddlers love more than to be allowed to make a mess on purpose and this is a great way to have them do that, while being creative at the same time. You can do the same process with their hands and feet and then have brother or sister help them to decorate the paper with glitter, gems, crayons and markers once the paint has dried. You can let them make a messy one for themselves and then help them to create one that you can decorate and frame for the wall. You can purchase a few inexpensive frames to place these in and they are great as keepsakes for when your children grow up.

4. Make your very own sidewalk chalk: You can get great recipes online for making colorful and nontoxic sidewalk chalk. This is a fun and creative craft project to do together and when it’s done you and the kids can have even more fun using your creations outside on the sidewalk or driveway, to make a hopscotch game or simply create some colorful drawings. There are so many ways to have fun with this craft activity and the clean up is a breeze, too. Simply grab the hose and wash it away.

5. Scrapbooks: This is a timeless craft that has been around for centuries, frankly, and has been a fun-filled tradition for many families around the world. Young and old alike will enjoy this craft because it allows you to be as creative as you can be. There are an unlimited number of things you can put in your scrapbook; the possibilities are almost endless. You can create a family scrapbook with photos, or the kids can create one with their friends in it. This craft will let you create memories and have a whole lot of fun at the same time.

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