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3 Top Methods To Conceive A Boy

Many tips for successfully conceiving a baby boy are available online and also written in many books and guides. These guidelines and tips are all proven scientifically. They are not based on old customs and beliefs. In spite of that, there is no way anybody can guarantee the birth of a boy. But a couple can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy for sure. For successfully giving birth to a boy, one must be aware of all aspects of the process known as conception.

Many guides describe that for a healthy boy to be born, the environment of the mother should be alkaline. Acidic nature of environment may prove fatal to the foetus. Also the male sperm can blossom and grow in alkaline conditions.

Scientifically, the more acidic part of any woman’s vagina is the entrance. The alkaline environment exists near its cervix. Hence, a deeper way of lovemaking is suggested by doctors for those couples who are wishing and trying for a boy. The behavior of the male sperm generally determines the gender of the baby. This fact has been scientifically proven. The male sperm is smaller in size than the female sperm. But it moves with greater speed than the female one. Also the female sperm has a longer life than its male equivalent. Hence, lovemaking is advised as close as possible to the day of ovulation. That increases the chances of a boy. The reasons for that are, as the egg is waiting to ovulate, the male sperms, which are faster than the female ones, will reach the egg and completely avoid the female sperms.

If it is done before the ovulation period starts, the chances of a baby boy decrease greatly. To know when a woman’s ovulation period starts, one can refer to the ovulation prediction kits. They include calendars and tips to what one should do on specific days. The gynecologists and hospitals can provide couples with these tips. The calendars are also found on the internet.

Maintaining a healthy diet is the key to success. Generally intake of proteins and potassium is advised by doctors and health experts too. It is also believed that continuing the daily routine can help. Also intake of calories is necessary and can increase the chances. Daily exercise helps a woman’s body to be fit and ready for pregnancy. For the baby to be healthy, the mother, who acts as the host, should be strong and healthy.

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