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3 Reasons to Use Snake Proof Boots

Snake boots are great pieces of hunting or hiking gear that protects the wearer from the worst case scenario of a bite from a venomous snake. While turkey hunters in the swamps of the South are probably already familiar with this footwear, many others are not. In fact, it’s not out of line to suggest that the average person doesn’t even know that there is footwear specifically designed to protect your feet and lower legs from venomous reptiles.

Snake boots haven’t completely caught on with the mainstream fashion world yet, but hunters and hikers can already attest to their popularity. These particular pieces of footwear come in many different designs, and are great protection against any likely venomous snakes that you will run into.

While this article only covers three great reasons for looking at the possibility of using snake proof boots, there are many others beyond this. Still, to keep things easy these three general reasons are ones that virtually any consumer can relate to.

The first reason should be obvious. These boots offer specially designed protection against venomous snake bites of all kinds. Whether it’s rattlesnake, coral snake, copperhead, or water moccasin ” snake proof boots are designed to keep them all away from your skin.

The second reason to wear snake proof boots is to protect yourself financially. Specialty boots like this cost a little more, but in the United States treating a snake bite can cost $15,000 to $20,000, and that’s only if no complications occur. When venomous snake bites are involved, over half the time there are complications. That type of financial hit is way too much for most individuals to handle.

A third reasons for wearing snake boots is for the peace of mind. There are literally millions of people who have an outright phobia of snakes, but it’s much easier to deal with tall weeds by the river when you know nothing can strike out and hit you. The lower leg protection offers that peace of mind which is worth just as much as the actual protection for many people.

As you can see there are many good reasons for wearing snake boots. These reasons are physical, mental, health-based, and financial. When combined, they paint a pretty convincing case for the viability and usefulness of snake protection.

In the end, the decision on whether or not to wear snake boots is up to you. At least with this article you now know that there are some great options in footwear when it comes to defending yourself from snake strikes.

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