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2010 Trend alert! Fashionistas favour delicate jewellery over statement pieces

In the world of fashion, the coming of spring and summer usually means that we’ll soon be seeing our favourite celebrities and fashion icons working those spring/summer trends that just won’t go away. The tribal trend, for instance, is a summer staple, and you’d be hard pushed to walk into a shop in springtime and not find a few dozen nautical pieces filling up the rails.

It might sometimes seem like spring/summer fashion is no more than a rehashing of what came the year before, but often the element of originality comes in with the accessories accompanying the clothes, with jewellery being a particularly popular way of changing up an outfit. For instance, the key mantra for jewellery in relation to the main fashion trends has been the bigger the better! Shops, blogs and magazines alike have all been featuring oversized statement jewellery for quite some time now, and embellishment, texture and colour blocks have been the stand-out themes. So, whether shoppers have opted for hard studded bracelets, jewelled bib necklaces or oversized earrings, jewellery of late has been all about standing out and making a fashion statement.

But, as the seasons have changed this year, those in the fashion loop have also changed their approach to jewellery and how they style up their favourite outfits. Wherever you look, there are great new images of our favourite fashionistas favouring delicate and sentimental jewellery over the once popular statement pieces. The oh-so fashionable first lady Michelle Obama has been leading the fashion pack with her barely visible diamonds on her favourite gold or silver chain, and Tory leader David Cameron’s wife Samantha is also proving to be a big follower of this trend. This new understated style is also being championed by the young and trendy set: Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe and Fearne Cotton have all been seen wearing kooky and distinctive charms on long chains to complete their own unique looks.

Many fashion fanatics are linking this growing trend for more sentimental and personalised jewellery to the recession. Now that jewellery lovers may have less money to spend on frivolous trinkets, they’re going back to their jewellery boxes and their parents’ and grandparents’ collections for inspiration, or investing in timeless pieces rather than splurging on ‘trendy’ pieces that will date more quickly. This is translating into women opting for simple diamond studs over big hoop earrings, sentimental charms bracelets rather than brightly coloured bangles, and delicate lockets instead of chunky beaded necklaces.

For more traditional and specialised jewellers who produce pieces from good quality materials such as silver, platinum and gold, the decrease in the popularity of costume pieces is having a very positive effect on their businesses. Some of the best-selling pieces for these jewellers include four leaf clovers, speciality charms made by brands such as Pandora and gold named necklaces, and these sales are set to rise as this trend becomes more popular.

So, thanks to this trend’s penchant for understated elegance and timeless chic, it could well be around for a fair bit longer than most flash-in-the-pan accessory fads.

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